Alving Award

Dr. Carl and Barbara Alving Endowed Award

Carl R. Alving, M.D. & Barbara M. Alving, M.D.

The Alvings made a $100,000 gift to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to endow the Dr. Carl and Barbara Alving Endowed Award. The award will be presented to the medical student who has had the most outstanding research achievement for the year. An award committee at the medical school will select the winning candidate based on a set of criteria established by the committee. The student would win a medal and also a substantial unrestricted personal monetary award to encourage the student to pursue medical research. The award is open to any Miller School of Medicine medical student and not limited to one win during the course of the student’s medical school career.

Dr. Alving says, “Although I trained in internal medicine, I have actually dedicated my career to doing fundamental research rather than direct patient care. It naturally makes sense that I would want to inspire students who have an interest in research. My wife also has had an illustrious research career and is very deeply involved in medical research. We believe the promotion of research will benefit people very greatly because it provides the fundamental underpinning of medicine. I would hope there might be a possibility that this would serve as inspiration for provision of additional research resources to the medical school by others and provide stimulation for medical students who are interested in engaging in a research career.”

Previous Alving Award Winners

Joshua Jue & Patrick Staropoli (2017)
Shirin Razdan (2016)
Christine Bokman (2015)
Lucas Cavallin (2014)
Nikesh Shah (2013)
Stavros Moysidis (2012)
Mircea Cristescu (2011)
Michael Gorin (2010)
Dominic Maggio (2009)
Seth Miller & Christine Dinh (2008)